"Bryon and René are the best visual storytellers I've ever worked with. I own a business called Archive Coffee & Bar. A large part of our success can be attributed to our use of social media. And our social media is successful because we've used SLF for all our photography and cinematography. Look us up if you want to see what they've done. Our page is beautiful because SLF captured what we do as beautiful. Working with SLF has easily been one of the best decisions I've made for Archive. They're good quality humans, too. Couldn't be happier to work with these two!"

–Jesse Hayes, Owner





"Bryon and René have such a beautiful sense for light and color. The images they create are magical and magnetic. One can't help but to become enthralled by the photos they produce. People see their images and instantly feel like they want to be a part of it. Their work has been such a huge part of helping our business to develop a brand known for quality, simplicity and beauty. Simply put... they make us look GOOD! Their work goes far beyond average and truly stands out from other businesses on Facebook. We truly appreciate their flexibility. They've really listened to what we're looking for in our images to set the mood/feel for our business as it has evolved over time. We couldn't be happier to have an ongoing relationship with such talented artists and genuinely good human beings. Rafns' loves SLF!"

–Rochelle Rafn, Owner





"Collaborating with Bryon and René has been an absolute pleasure. Their exceptionally keen understanding of the finer details of lighting and composition has been completely indispensable. We have consistently been impressed by the level of work they deliver -- and often it far exceeds expectations." 

–Michael Barko, Content Manager for the Downtown Salem page